Dolores One

Quality of Care

While patients may not have a voice during treatment, after being released their voice carries a direct relationship to hospital revenue. The public reporting of HCAHPS provides the patient’s perspective of care and will have a growing impact on patient choices and thereby future revenues. Overcoming communication challenges has the potential to reduce emotional stress and lead to higher quality of care. Patient-provider communication is a critical link in the course to a treatment regimen.

Quality of Treatment

Any interruption in respiratory treatment can be detrimental to the patient. The Dolores One allows for maximum continuous treatment while allowing for verbal interaction.

Quality of Life

The capability for conversation plays a large part in what makes us human. Removing or preventing this interaction can seriously impact an individual’s well-being and state of mind. The Dolores One allows even critical care patients to remain connected to society and take an active role in communicating their needs and condition.