Our Story

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A family member with rapidly failing health was near to passing. We were fortunate to have assembled family members from across the country to share her last few days. While still bright in mind, her physical condition was weak, and without respiratory assistance she would rapidly pass into semi-consciousness.

During those last precious days she wanted to express her final thoughts and share a few stories from her childhood. She summoned all of her remaining energy in an attempt to be heard through the mask and above the sounds of the respiratory equipment, and with heart wrenching desire we strained to grasp her final words. But try as we might, those words never made it to our ears.

We spoke with many respiratory specialists and discovered that this is a common problem in respiratory care. Even in light of the large and growing number of patients undergoing respiratory therapy, there was no solution to the communication challenge. So, we dedicated ourselves to providing the solution.

With existing resources in product design, engineering, and manufacturing, Dolores Speech Products was born, and development of the Dolores One began. It is now with great pride that we unveil this new class of medical device, the Dolores One, the first, and only, speech enhancement device specifically designed for critical care patients.

The Dolores One was developed to ensure that critical care patients around the world will no longer be isolated during respiratory treatment, and that friends, family, and medical staff can converse freely with these patients. We hope that this ability to communicate brings joy, happiness, and health to all who are in need.